About Us

At Healthy N’ Fresh Cafe we created a menu that reminds you of a simpler life. We offer healthy gourmet-style food made from fresh and nutritious ingredients that vitalize your body and delight your appetite. We believe mother nature is wise in providing us with the wholesome foods we need to support a better health. At Healthy N’ Fresh Cafe we use wholesome ingredients, farm raised produce and no GMO’s.



 Our menu offers balanced but delicious options that go back to the roots of simpler, healthier lifestyles. We make american-style sandwiches, fresh and tasty salads and nutrient dense, 100% natural fruit juices and smoothies. Experience world flavors from our latin-inspired lunches.



As you enter Healthy N’ Fresh pick from a wide selection of flavorful and nutritious creations displayed on our bar of freshness. Not only our food follows this wellness philosophy, our rustic decor will please those who seek the tranquility, simplicity and benefits of living a simpler, healthier life.(...of living a simpler n’ healthier life)




Our family comes from a long tradition of coffee lovers and at Healthy N’ Fresh Cafe we want to make you feel that love as well. We offer a custom organic Colombian coffee that is roasted daily for optimal freshness. Enjoy our coffee brought to you all the way from the mountains of Nariño, Colombia. Colombian coffee has a well established reputation for being among the best in the world. The soft, roasted aromas of this world renowned coffee will please your senses and start your day right. Energized and in harmony with your body.




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